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Lancaster Furnace & Air Conditioning is proud to serve the residents of Lancaster, OH! If you’re located in Lancaster, OH, and looking for quality Heating, Cooling, or Indoor Air Quality services, choose us for your next service call! We service all brands of HVAC equipment, no matter how old. We’re the experts in furnace repair, A/C maintenance, heat pump repair, humidifier installation, tune-ups, and much more. Schedule services today!

Getting to Know Lancaster, OH

Located in Fairfield County, Ohio, the City of Lancaster has a population of 40,505 people; it is the Fairfield County seat, located near the Hocking River about 33 miles southeast of Columbus and 38 miles southwest of Zanesville.

The initial settlers of Lancaster were mostly German immigrants and their descendants, many of whom came from Lancaster, Pennsylvania. Ohio’s oldest continuously operating newspaper, the Lancaster Eagle-Gazette, came as a result of a merger of the early Ohio Adler, founded in roughly 1807, with the Ohio Gazette, which was founded in the 1830s.

Those two newspapers were major competitors because they were on opposing sides during the American Civil War. The Adler was against slavery and in support of the Union. The other supported the south because the city had a lot of migrants from the Upper South who sympathized with the Confederacy. Nevertheless, those two newspapers merged in 1937, approximately 72 years after the end of the war and shortly after the Gazette was purchased by glassmaker Anchor-Hocking. The newspaper is now a part of the Newspaper Network of Central Ohio, which is owned by the Gannett Company, Inc.

Lancaster today is home to Ohio’s final county fair during Ohio fair season, making it the 88th fair. The Fairfield County Fair is always the second week of October; it features a variety of attractions, food, exhibits, games and rides.

Furthermore, Lancaster is home to the AHA! Children’s museum, the Georgian Museum, the Decorative Arts Center of Ohio, the Ohio Glass Museum, the Sherman House, and the River Valley Mall.

Countless famous athletes, politicians, entrepreneurs, entertainers, politicians and historic figures have come out of Lancaster.

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At Lancaster Furnace & Air Conditioner, your comfort comes first. When you need a professional, we have certified Heating, Cooling, and Indoor Air Quality technicians who will get the job done in Lancaster, OH! We can tailor a variety of solutions to suit anyone’s needs and budget.

We care about our customers, and we’re excited to serve the people of Lancaster. We pair our cutting-edge products with superior customer support to leverage the most value at the most competitive rates for our customers. We also have fast and easy finance options and special online deals. Because of all this, we have established ourselves as a reputable and preferred HVAC company of choice all across Ohio.

On any job, any day of the week, our HVAC service vehicles show up to your door promptly, as scheduled, always calling ahead 30 minutes to notify you when we are en route; these vehicles are always fully stocked and outfitted with all the latest HVAC tools and equipment using the latest technology. They carry a wide range of HVAC system filters, replacement parts, tools, and much more. 

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