Giving Thanks

Nov 27, 2020 | HVAC | 0 comments

Are you thankful for your HVAC system this holiday season?

With Thanksgiving upon us again, and another holiday season underway, it’s important we count our blessings during this time and show gratitude for many of the things we might otherwise take for granted.

Despite 2020 being a tumultuous year for so many of us, things could always be worse. It’s important to focus on the good things in our lives, like our health, well-being, our families, our safety, our shelter and the heat provided to us by our furnaces and home heating systems.

When the weather is extreme outside, our home heating systems work hard to keep us cozy, safe and comfortable.

In this article, we at Lancaster Furnace & Air Conditioning discuss some of the things your HVAC systems do for you year-round, and some of the things you can do to show your appreciation for this heat and comfort.

Why we should be grateful for our HVAC systems

They keep us comfortable

Throughout hot and cold weather cycles, our HVAC systems are the reason we have such comfortable conditions in our homes, whether they be heating our homes or cooling them. A lot of people don’t give these systems a great deal of thought for doing this, let alone giving thanks, until they have some sort of outage, loss of service, or breakdown. After this happens and service and comfort is eventually restored, it refrains our perspective. When we lose our comfort and get it back, it brings about a new appreciation.

They clean out our air

Another thing our HVAC systems are responsible for is keeping the air we breathe in our homes clean, which plays an important role in our overall well-being and health. This is possible because of the air filters in our furnaces, heat pumps and air conditioning units. These air filters are intended to remove dust, dirt, pet dander and other airborne particles and pollutants from our indoor air supply. Most of this stuff can cause allergies and breathing problems. To promote even better indoor air, many homeowners take this a step further to improve breathing conditions and utilize some of our Indoor Air Quality products.

They operate efficiently

It’s a simple fact in this business that when we take care of our HVAC systems, they take care of us when it comes to optimal efficiency, which saves us money on heating and cooling costs. Most of the modern systems come with Energy Star Labels, which are great. However even with the label, it does not mean you can afford to neglect regular seasonal maintenance, which is a must for all HVAC systems.

How to show our HVAC systems our appreciation

Heating and cooling systems are expensive, intricate machines. Although they aren’t self-aware, they respond nicely to optimization. Showing your appreciation for this major home investment will pay off. The first step in doing this begins with keeping up with preventative maintenance, also known as tune-ups, and keeping your air filters fresh and unimpeded. Other ways to give thanks for your furnace or AC include:

  • Keeping the outside unit clean
  • Keeping a clear and open space of three feet around systems
  • Keeping an eye out for leaks in loose ductwork
  • Having your vents and air ducts cleaned
  • Changing air filters often
  • Making sure you seal drafts and air leaks in the home
  • Making sure you have enough attic insulation
  • Keeping your home clean
  • Installing a smart thermostat
  • Understanding energy efficiency in your home
  • Practice safety always!


From our family to yours, we wish everyone a happy and safe holiday season. If there is one thing we are grateful for, in addition to our amazing team here of certified technicians, it’s for our amazing customers and the amazing Fairfield County area community we are proud to serve. If you need anything now or in the future, please don’t hesitate to give us a call right away! You can call Lancaster Furnace & Air Conditioning today at (740) 625-2320 or schedule an appointment now by clicking here!

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