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We’re Proud to Partner With a Trusted Name in HVAC

With all the heating and cooling systems on the market shifting their production away from the U.S.A., the Amana Brand stands behind its commitment to keeping American jobs on American soil and we at Five Star Heating & Cooling Group appreciate these efforts. As a top-notch rated home comfort system provider, we are proud to partner with an HVAC brand that stands above the competition.

Quite simply, the Amana brand’s long history of reliability, efficiency, and exceptional quality have without exception enabled them to make products that are outstanding. There’s no other HVAC manufacturer like Amana on the market. Their home heating and cooling systems are tried, tested, and truly worthwhile investments that will last you a lifetime. As part of a proud legacy of being one of the industry’s most respected and trusted HVAC brands, Amana is as American as it gets! And we embrace this commitment to keeping HVAC manufacturing operations — from concept and first design all the way up to the actual fabrication and final production — right here in the U.S.A.

We like to say “Amana is American-made and made to last.”

Your local HVAC experts here at Lancaster Furnace & Air Conditioning are proud to partner with Amana and become take part in this growing American legacy by selling and installing Amana’s top-notch residential HVAC systems at competitive prices with a customer satisfaction guarantee across the board. Amana is one of the HVAC industry’s leading manufacturers of energy-efficient HVAC systems. Because Amana has complete access to global assets and resources like Daikin, we are able to ensure outstanding technology, manufacturing, testing and production with strong warranties for homeowners purchasing new home comfort systems.

A History of American Quality and Innovation

American homeowners have been depending on premium, long-lasting Amana brand products going all the way back to 1934, when Middle Amana, Iowa, native George Foerstner was challenged to see if he could design and build a beverage cooler that was functional and dependable. Although they were still very new, the Amana brand successfully met that challenge and . Then, he manufactured the first upright DeepFreeze for the home. Then, two years later, the company introduced another innovative product that quickly became indispensable for grocery stores and restaurants. That product was the first walk-in beverage cooler, which was also called a cold storage locker.

Although they eventually branched out from refrigeration, the young company quickly became a successful American institution in the design and manufacture of a wide array of innovative appliances that have revolutionized the quality of life in our modern times. Among these many innovative products were things like the Amana brand Radarange and the first portable microwave oven. Additionally, they began making and selling high-quality home heating and cooling systems designed to last.

Once that happened, the residents of Amana, Iowa, started a long history of pioneering, innovation and exceptional craftsmanship that changed the industry. Today, that spirit continues in the manufacturing of quality Amana Heating and Air Conditioning systems. From the technology used in the company’s unique Million-Air heat exchanger to the use of high-quality filter driers in their air conditioning units and heat pumps, the company and its leaders have kept their strong commitment to the Amana brand’s legacy of building and designing heating and air conditioning products that are built to last a long time. Time after time throughout the years, they’ve been recognized as the brand responsible for some of the most energy-efficient gas furnaces on the market. To stay true to this tradition of excellence, Amana’s Heating and Air Conditioning systems are assembled in the U.S.A. in their state-of-the-art facilities in Tennessee and Texas.

We Believe In Providing Peace of Mind

Amana’s Lifetime Unit Replacement Limited Warranty, Lifetime Heat Exchanger Limited Warranty, Lifetime Compressor Limited Warranty, 10-Year Parts Limited Warranty, and 2-Year Unit Replacement Limited Warranty gives their customers peace of mind. It’s good knowing this company stands behind its products! The truth is, they offer this strong product warranty coverage and protection for a reason. For one, they build these products strongly to provide very long-lasting comfort and superior performance. For two, they go to great lengths to test each product rigorously, including an actual run test while each unit is still on the assembly line.

Amana Heating & Air Conditioning

Amana Brand is Synonymous with American Pride

From generations ago to present day, the Amana brand’s “American Pride” legacy has only grown stronger. Although a lot of other HVAC manufacturers have moved to another country, or plan to move their equipment production to somewhere outside of the United States in the near future, Amana brand’s parent company has invested more than $400,000,000 in funds to build a brand new state-of- the-art Daikin Texas Technology Park in the U.S. The park is located just outside of Houston, Texas. The facility is 4.2 million square feet in size, with a 94-acre roof.

By keeping their manufacturing operations here in the U.S.A., the Amana brand looks forward to giving customers the power to:

Help keep American jobs in America

Benefit from the strong innovation and productivity of the American worker

Embrace domestic delivery of quality products that are reliable and built to last

Daikin Texas Technology Park

As we’ve noted, the Daikin Texas Technology Park is the largest HVAC complex in the United States. The facility was carefully designed from the ground up to encourage innovation and collaboration giving homeowners the absolute best products and services for the best prices. In general, the Daikin Texas Technology Park matters because of the following:

Product Capacity and Availability

Increased flexibility and expanded capacity to respond to customer demands better.

Product Quality and Overall Reliability

Close collaboration with Daikin, the world’s largest and most respected air conditioning, heat pump and furnace manufacturer

Production and Technology

Features more than $100,000,000 in investments for state-of-the-art manufacturing equipment and innovative assembly line technology

Product Development

  • Shows commitment to the U.S.A. as well as to the Amana brand
  • Teamwork, planning and innovation creates more efficient products that are more reliable for homeowners

Homeowners Can Trust Lancaster Furnace & Air Conditioning Heating & Cooling to Deliver a Five Star Experience

When a potential customer looks to replace an old, or inefficient furnace or an outdated A/C (or any sort of HVAC product), homeowners are wise to find a local heating and cooling company that’s reputable. Studies estimate when it comes to replacing something as expensive as a home comfort and air system, very few homeowners choose anything else. In fact, one study shows 90 percent of homeowners use their trusted local HVAC experts, or local HVAC company, to find the best new HVAC system possible.

Because we understand how hard-working homeowners depend on our experience and expertise here at Lancaster Furnace & Air Conditioning, we treat our customers like family and do whatever it takes to make sure we help each customer make the best possible decision, investing their money in the best HVAC brand without exception. Ultimately, this is why we are proud to partner with Amana. They help us do that by offering an HVAC Brand that we can stand behind. These heating and cooling products are tried and tested and are widely accepted as being a very reputable company. Amana is quite simply among the best. The company has spent generations building a strong legacy of reliability with an eye on exceptional quality without a question. By partnering with Amana, we are able to offer our highly-valued customers the best. We also offer peace of mind with industry-leading equipment warranties at the absolute best possible prices. Using equipment and products that are strictly assembled on American soil enables us to do this. As an installer and dealer, keep in mind we have outstanding consumer reviews to back up our quality of products and level of customer service and workmanship.

Because the quality of these systems and how long they last affect an HVAC contractor’s reputation, it’s no wonder why HVAC dealers choose Amana brand equipment.