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Tips to Prepare Your Home for Spring

With spring officially underway, a lot of homeowners are looking forward to all the excitement of fun in the summer sun. Whether they plan to host an outdoor barbeque or a movie night with friends and family, we at Lancaster Furnace & Air Conditioning want to help you prepare for your summer! The following are a few tips our team put together to help you prepare your home for spring. 

Keep Allergens Away

With springtime weather comes an onslaught of annoying allergens. If your family or your guests suffer from allergy symptoms, they will be especially susceptible to any allergens in your home. Because dirt, dust, and pet fur tend to build up on the surfaces in your home during the wintertime, consider paying extra attention to these three areas:

Your HVAC Filter

Replacing the air filters on your HVAC systems should be on your monthly list of household cleaning. If you haven’t been checking your filters every month, now is a good time to start! We suggest checking your air filters for both your furnace and A/C systems every month and replacing them as often as necessary. Doing so ensures that the air circulating in your home is allergen free! You can also consider an air filter upgrade if it’s not doing the trick. We sell media air filters and HEPA filters for all types of systems.


After not running your ceiling fans during the winter, there’s a good chance that a layer of dust has gathered on the top surface of the blades. Before turning them on in the spring or summer, use a duster and wipe the dust off, being careful to spread as little dust as possible into the air.

Carpets and Rugs 

Floor coverings are known for collecting and trapping dust during the winter months, so give them a nice deep cleaning this spring to eliminate allergens. You can use a vacuum cleaner, preferably one with a HEPA filter, or shake them off outside.

Take Advantage of the Spring Air!

With cooler air temperatures and warm sunlight, springtime is the perfect time to complete some yard work. Completing the following three things are a great way to take advantage of the spring air:

Don’t forget A/C maintenance!

Before turning on your air conditioner this summer, make sure to clear any debris, shrubs, or furniture away from your outdoor AC unit. This will ensure that it doesn’t overheat and create problems throughout the HVAC system. For optimal use of your unit and to save you on energy costs and ensure the unit runs all summer, now is the time to schedule your A/C tune up. Seasonal maintenance is an investment that always pays off.

Clean Your Gutters 

During fall and winter, your gutters can collect all sorts of leaves, sticks, and water. This can make things a little smelly during that spring rainstorm, and the runoff can make your siding green or your brick moldy. It can also damage your foundation over time. We suggest having someone clean them who’s experienced with gutter cleaning or roof work.

Bring out the Grill

A perfect addition to any outdoor summer party, using your outdoor grill is a classical American tradition. So that it’s ready, pull off the cover to your grill and give it a well deserved cleaning and prep. Make sure to scrub off any built up rust and check the gas hose for any damage. 

Looking for More Helpful Tips?

If you’re as excited about the upcoming summer as we are, then you can call us today for more HVAC tips from our team! Our customer service representatives are always happy to answer any questions you may have, give more suggestions, or schedule a visit with a technician. Call Lancaster Furnace & Air Conditioning today at (740) 625-2320 or schedule an appointment now by clicking here!

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