10 ways to lower your utility bills this summer

May 21, 2021 | Air Conditioning, Cooling, HVAC | 0 comments

Although the summer weather can be inviting, you definitely don’t want the inside of your home to be just as hot. With temperatures getting higher, folks are looking for ways to lower their utility bill while staying cool. Here are some tips from the experts at Lancaster Furnace and Air Conditioning on how you can save a little cash this summer.


Did you know, Temperature gain and loss through windows are responsible for almost a quarter of your homes energy use? As trendy as antique style windows can be sadly they do not protect your house as properly as modern-day windows do. Unlike old-fashioned windows, more modern windows have panes that help keep temperatures from entering or leaving your home providing consistent temperature and airflow.

Air Flow

The HVAC system in your home is more likely to be more eco-friendly and can provide comfort if balanced right. Some of the most common problems with proper air flow could be caused by undersized ducts and blocked vents. Undersized ducts and blocked vents can cause you HVAC system to put in over time trying to keep your house feeling comfortable which can cause the equipment’s lifespan to shorten. Our skilled technicians at Lancaster Furnace and Air Conditioning suggest looking into proper ductwork and a professional air balance to confirm your HVAC system is efficiently running at its fullest potential.


Humidity makes warmer temperatures feel way hotter than they actually are and in the midwest, summers get pretty muggy. With the help of dehumidifiers, not only are you helping cool your house at a more efficient rate, you’re also decreasing risk of allergens or the development of mold and mildew.


Fans can certainly affect the airflow throughout your home. With fans helping to circulate air, you can raise the temperature a couple degrees thus saving you money and energy all while the house feels just about the same temperature because of the production of airflow.


Optimize the production of your HVAC system while staying energy efficient by renovating your ductwork. Ductwork is very important, being either too large or too small can cause your HVAC system to last shorter than intended or cause inevitable breakdowns. Ductwork is the sole resource of air travel throughout your home and duct work that is no sized right can cause inconsistent airflow and uncomfortable temperatures. By upgrading your ductwork and using the proper sizing, this can allow an even distribution of air flow causing less strain on your HVAC system.


Air leakage and spotty temperatures are no joke. Even if you have the right sized air ducts, it is critical to have proper insulation to maintain comfortable temperatures.  With the correct insulation, the space in your home has the ability to cool much faster without air leakage increasing the longevity of your HVAC system thus lessening the effort your system has to put in saving your energy efficiency.

Air Filters

It is standard to replace your air filter every two to three months. It is very important to routinely change air filters because the buildup of pollen, dust and dirt can restrict air flow and could potentially ruin your HVAC equipment. Unfortunate events that could occur from not changing air filters on a regular basis include the risk of overheating the blower motor or destroying your HVAC system from buildup of dirt and debris. 


Depending on the age of your thermostat, you could be losing quite a bit of money. Thermostats were not always as efficient as they are now. Out of date thermostats are very responsive to temperatures, which means if they start to feel a rise in heat, the air conditioner will activate often causing short cycling. Now, thermostats have the ability to maintain constant temperatures without the need to short cycle the air conditioner.  Newer thermostats are proven to be more energy efficient and could benefit the temperature of your house and make the most positive use of your HVAC system.

Routine Maintenance

HVAC systems are one of the most important pieces of hardware located in your household. With that being said, to keep your home feeling comfortable routine maintenance is important. 

 With regular maintenance, your HVAC equipment has less probability of unexpected breakdowns and could help lengthen your HVAC equipment’s life span.

Upgrade Your HVAC System

Just like your thermostat, replacing your HVAC system can save you money big time. Aged HVAC systems are slowly phasing out which leaves older parts harder to find or the product could be pricey compared to newer technology. Equipment and components for newer HVAC systems are not only easier to obtain and reasonably priced but will also produce consistent air flow throughout your house. Steady levels of air circulation assist with the prevention of your system running excessively, helping your equipment last longer and produce energy efficiency. 

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