Do You Know The 7 Components Crucial For Air Conditioner Function?

Aug 5, 2022 | AC, Air Conditioning, Air Filter, Blog, Cooling, HVAC, Lancaster, OH, Thermostat, Tips & Tricks

Air conditioners are essential in the summer because of the heat and humidity, especially because it can get pretty hot here in Ohio. Summer would be unpleasant without your home’s cooling equipment. But have you ever wondered what elements make it possible for you to maintain those pleasant temperatures in your house during the hot summers? Then, you’ve come to the right spot! Our home cooling specialists at Lancaster Furnace & Air Conditioning know precisely what components are necessary for an air conditioner and how they function. 

Evaporator Coil 

Evaporator coils are generally found within an air conditioner’s air handler. The goal of the evaporator coil is to absorb heat from the passing air and then send it out into the outdoor environment. Because copper has better thermal conductivity than aluminum, it is used in evaporator coils and is more efficient and simpler to maintain than other materials. However, because filth and dust may reduce their efficiency over time, you must remember to clean and maintain your evaporator coils regularly. 


The compressor is thought of as the engine of an air conditioning system. The primary role of the compressor is to transform low-pressure gas into a high-pressure gas with a higher temperature. The distance between molecules decreases, generating energized gas, during this process. The energized gas or refrigerant then leaves the compressor and enters the condenser, which absorbs heat from your home and transmits it to a cooler external environment. 

Condenser Coil 

Although evaporator and condenser coils operate similarly, the job of the condenser coil is to release heat from the refrigerant to the outdoors. Condenser fans built near the condenser coil direct the air through, expelling heat from the refrigerant. When the gas temperature falls, it changes phase from a gas to a liquid state using expansion valves that open when the pressure drops to assist in transferring the refrigerant back to the indoor unit. 

Expansion Valve 

Even after the condenser has cooled, the refrigerant is still far too hot to re-enter the evaporator coils. The expansion valve is crucial since it regulates the pressure. As a result, because of its reduced pressure resulting from the change in state from liquid to gas, the refrigerant cools sufficiently to re-enter the evaporator coil as a result of its lowered pressure caused by the expansion valve. 

Air Filter 

Typically, your air conditioner’s air filter can be found attached to the system’s air handler. The purpose of an air filter is to remove any debris or pathogens floating through the air in your home. Because a clogged air filter can add wear and tear to your air conditioner, be sure to check and replace your system’s air filters every 1 to 3 months.   


Since it has been mentioned a few times before, you’re probably curious as to what refrigerant is if you do not already know. Refrigerant is an important substance used to cool your entire home. The properties of this substance make it perfect for keeping your home cool because of its ability to cool or heat a room by being compressed or expanded.  


One of the most known pieces of HVAC equipment is none other than the thermostat. Thermostats are typically mounted on a wall within your home and help regulate temperatures to your preferred comfort levels. Smart and Programmable thermostats can set a schedule for your preferred temperatures when you’re home and away. Nowadays, you can even control your thermostat from your smartphone.   

While there are additional components to your air conditioner, we hope you have a better understanding of the seven main components of your home cooling system. If you still have questions about your air conditioner and its equipment or require services, our HVAC experts at Lancaster Furnace & Air Conditioning are just one phone call away! Call us today at (740) 625-2320, or schedule an appointment online by clicking here

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