Do Ceiling Fans Save You Any Money On Energy Bills?

Sep 2, 2022 | AC, Blog, Ceiling Fan, Cool Air, Energy Costs, Energy Efficient, HVAC, Lancaster, OH, Ohio, Summer

With prices rising everywhere, your Lancaster Furnace & Air Conditioning heating and cooling professionals know how important it is to save money when you can. There’s no shame in pinching pennies when possible! Regarding keeping your house cool, energy consumption and your electric bill may not be best friends. You may even consider your energy bill a thorn in your side. Unfortunately, it is what it is, and the energy bill must be paid! However, there are a few ways you can try to conserve energy and lower your energy bill. It’s an age-old question for us to get asked, “Do ceiling fans save you money on your energy bill?” Perhaps you’ve wondered this question yourself. Luckily for you, this is precisely what we are discussing today! So, please keep reading for some valuable information  

Does A Ceiling Fan Produce Cold Air?  

It’s a common thing for people to believe that ceiling fans produce cold air and, therefore, lower room temperature. While we understand how this may be misperceived, we want to emphasize that ceiling fans do not create cold air. Instead, the purpose of a ceiling fan is to take the existing air in a room and evenly circulate it. This air circulation method produces a wind-chilling effect that feels cool and relaxing once it comes into contact with the skin. Because of this soothing effect, a cooler environment is created, and higher temperatures are more bearable.   

Does A Ceiling Fan Lower Energy Consumption?  

Because a ceiling fan does not produce its own cool air, it does not lower energy consumption just by using it on its own. In fact, if not used properly, using a ceiling fan will increase your energy consumption and your energy bill as a result. However, if used correctly with your HVAC system, it could lead to energy savings on your next bill. 

How Can You Use Your Ceiling Fan To Its Highest Potential?  

  1. Raise Your Thermostat: When choosing to use a ceiling fine in an attempt to conserve energy, you should also raise the temperature on your thermostat by at least 5 degrees. You may increase it higher than this but settling on a temperature that is still agreeable to you is essential. We recommend doing this because with your household temperature increased, your air conditioning unit will have to exert less energy, which leads to savings on your energy bill. In addition, with your ceiling fan being utilized, you can endure sitting at a higher temperature. Plus, 5 degrees higher on your thermostat isn’t noticeably uncomfortable!  
  1. Turn Off the Fan When You Exit: When you were a kid, did you always hear your parents saying to turn off the lights? Well, life certainly has a way of coming full circle, and you most likely can relate to this now! Just like you don’t want to leave your lights on if no one is around and waste energy, you also don’t want to leave your ceiling fans running without anyone around. Because ceiling fans only produce a wind-chill effect cool to the skin, unless someone is physically in the same room as a powered-on fan, you will just be running up your energy bill!  
  1. Change the Fan Rotation Seasonally: Did you know that most fans have a setting where you can change the direction of fan rotation? Furthermore, the rotation direction makes a difference depending on your need. In the summer, your ceiling fans should be set to turn counterclockwise. This direction will guide the warm air in the room up towards the ceiling and circulate the cool air downward. In the wintertime, set your ceiling fan rotation to turn in the opposite rotation- clockwise! Doing this will direct the warm air downward, which will help to keep you nice and toasty, and the cool air will flow up to the ceiling.   

There you have it – all the ins and outs of ceiling fan use! Ceiling fans can be advantageous tools for homeowners. When used correctly, they can aid in producing energy savings. But it’s important to note that you may not see a ginormous difference in savings on your next energy bill. However, every little bit helps!  

Do you have more questions concerning energy-efficient tips? If so, we have answers for you! You can reach your Lancaster Furnace & Air Conditioning service professionals. Call us today at (740) 625-2320, or schedule an online appointment by clicking here!  

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